S. Christy Kim, L.Ac., Ph.D.

Christy Kim, LAc

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Are you suffering from constant, chronic pain?

Still taking medication that only masks symptoms?

Tired of dealing with the side effects of your prescriptions?

Acupuncture & herbal medicine may be the natural, holistic solution for your condition!

Acupuncture can help with a wide range of conditions from musculoskeletal disorders to internal diseases. It works with your body to produce true healing instead of suppressing symptoms. Check out our Conditions Treated page to see how acupuncture may help you.


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  • What people are saying...

    I got back my sense of taste, smell and I am able to breathe from my nose once again!

    One of my sister-in-laws, introduced me to Kristy this past October.
    I have been suffering from chronic allergies for almost a year.
    I first made an appt. to see Christy and get to know who she is and shared a little about my condition.  I lost my sense of smell, taste and I couldn’t breathe from my nose.  I soon started to see here twice a week.
    Being the special kind of person that I am, I was afraid to have the needles in me. Everyday, I would say I was her “pain patient,” but every week I would see Christy, she was patient, she cares about and listens to you and only wants you to get better. I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel for quite a fews weeks. But, in her caring loving way she would say, your going to be fine. Finally, on Christmas night after 6 p.m. I smelled some aroma. As of today, I got back my sense of taste, smell and I am able to breathe from my nose once again!